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Welcome to Red River Team! It's all about Linux and Networking.

We graduated from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam. Our major is School of Electronics and Telecommunication.

For us, knowledge is the way that we have to go with together. That why we create this site for exchanging experiment about what we have to you all.

Visit the Table of Contents for a listing of categories.

Getting Started

The following links are useful for those getting started with Linux.

Linux Overview
A brief overview of Linux; describes what to expect from an Linux system.
How to
Some tutorials.
Linux internal
Linux kernel internal and advance
Knowledge about networking.
Some project we are working with.
VIM Hacking
Tutorials about using VIM.
C Programming
Skill and Experience in C Language
Installation Guide
A concise installation guide; aimed at experienced users.
A list of common and frequently asked questions.
General Recommendations
An annotated index of other popular articles and often-referenced information.
RedRiver Wiki Tutorial
A short tutorial on editing and contributing to the Red River Linux wiki.
Tips and Tricks
Here are some tips and tricks that will make you work in linux environment easily.

Wiki News

Check the Wiki News page for the latest lowdown on the wiki.

If willing and able to contribute to the wiki, please see this list for ideas.


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us: